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Are you considering adding a new tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway for your Chichester home? Perhaps it’s block paving you’re more interested in, for garden paving or patio laying… Other reasons you might have stumbled across our website include the need for a groundworks specialist, or an interest in what property extensions could do for the value of your property.

Whatever the reason you’ve found your way to the website of Adur Driveways & Building Services, it stands to reason you might have a query or two. So read on, as our team answer a small sample of questions we commonly receive from residents of Chichester.

Chichester Clients’ Questions Answered

What are the advantages of a tarmac driveway?

A tarmac driveway can offer several advantage to Chichester homeowners. They are durable, resistant to weather conditions, easy to install and maintain, and provide a smooth and even surface for vehicles. A driveway company swears by tarmac for being cost-effective, customisable in different colours and finishes, and for enhancing the overall appearance of Chichester properties.

What are the advantages of a resin bound driveway?

A resin bound driveway also brings a lot to the table. They offer a visually appealing and seamless finish, are highly durable, low-maintenance and resistant to weeds. They provide excellent permeability, allowing water to drain naturally, and can be customised with various colours and patterns to complement a Chichester property's aesthetics. This explains why many a driveway company offers it as a product option.

Why use block paving for patio laying and garden paving?

Block paving is an excellent choice for both patio laying and garden paving around Chichester due to its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. It allows for creative designs with various colours, shapes, and patterns. Block paving is easy to install, maintain, and repair, providing a long-lasting and visually appealing surface for outdoor spaces. What’s not to like?

When might it be necessary to secure planning permission for property extensions in Chichester?

Planning permission for property extensions is typically required if the extension exceeds certain limits and conditions set by your local planning authority. This includes increasing the overall volume of the property, altering the roofline, building closer to boundaries, or in areas with special designations, such as conservation areas or listed buildings. Unsure whether you’ll need it for specific property extensions? Give us a call for tailored advice.

What are some of the more common groundworks tasks your team takes on in Chichester?

Common groundworks tasks the Adur team takes on around Chichester include excavation, foundation installation, drainage system installation, utility connections, landscaping preparation, and site levelling. Quality groundworks tasks essential for establishing a solid foundation and infrastructure before construction or landscaping projects – so choose the right team!

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