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Many of our past clients in Rustington speak about how it’s been sometime that they’ve wanted to invest in a new tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway, been mulling over garden paving or patio laying, considering a new block paving feature, or dreaming up ideas for how to use new property extensions. But how do you know it’s finally time to pick up the phone and call in your groundworks or driveway company to get to work? For there is such a thing as waiting too long!

When is it Time to Pick up the Phone?

Driveways – Knowing it’s time for a new tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway is fairly self-evident. Your driveway may be impacting the kerb appeal of your property, being very old and in a shoddy state. This can really make it far less of a pleasure to arrive back home after a long day’s work, just to be reminded that you have to get a driveway company in, and time is ticking away.

Another common reason cited by Rustington clients is that their existing tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway has potholes or similar structural damage which are endangering peoples and pedestrians. This is an even better reason to act fast, avoiding damage to a car or nasty injury, with the former costing a bundle to put right and the latter potentially putting you out of action.

Property Extensions – Most of the time we’re called in to launch property extensions in the Rustington area, it’s because someone has started to feeling they’re outgrowing their current digs. Perhaps a new arrival is on the way or there’s just something lacking from making a current home the perfect place to put down roots, or keep them there.

If you’re considering moving for these reasons, first consider in property extensions might be a better idea. Why? If you’re happy with most of your existing property, the local community and amenities, and wish to avoid the fees and time involved in moving, it’s a no brainer! At Adur Driveways & Building Services, we ensure everything from the initial planning stages, to the groundworks, utility installation and finishing touches/fit-out are handled to the highest standards.

Gardens – A tired, uninspired or very old and past its sell by date garden can be a blight on any Rustington property. As with a tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway that’s on its way out, this usually announces itself. You’ll simply find yourself noticing that this or that could be improved, perhaps via the addition of new garden paving, or patio laying – block paving is an especially popular material for these uses amongst our clients.

As they’re often slightly cheaper than calling in a driveway company or adding entire property extensions to your home, these can often be done on a more “spur of the moment” basis – especially garden paving, where the groundworks are minimal compared with patio laying.

If you’ve recognised any of the above in your own life, why put it off any longer? Call the first choice groundworks and driveway company in Rustington on 07741 243 008.