Gold Standard Groundworks in Lancing, Hove, Chichester & Wider Sussex | Adur Driveways & Building Services

The fate of all landscaping and construction projects is tied to the quality of the groundworks which run prior to core development activity. Quality methods and materials must be used to ensure anything from property extensions, to a new driveway installation have the best possible chance of a long, problem-free life. That’s why at Adur Driveways & Building Services, we handle groundworks in-house: we wouldn’t trust such an important stage of the operation to anyone else.

But we also take on groundworks on a stand-alone basis, ensuring our clients can get top quality preparative work at competitive prices. Perhaps you’re in Brighton, Chichester, Lancing or Hove and wish to lay your own patio, but want the right canvas to work on. Other clients in Rustington, Shoreham, Steyning or Worthing may require certain forms of groundworks independent of further development activity.

Below, we’ve run over some of the most common forms of groundworks we undertake in these areas. However, it’s far from exhaustive. The team we’ve assembled is incredibly versatile, and handles everything from the construction of footings, to excavation and earth moving, drainage installation and everything in between. We place a heavy emphasis on on-site health and safety, and our licenced plant operators work with modern machinery and tools which are carefully maintained year-round.

Common Groundworks Services We Undertake

Site Surveys & Excavation – Our groundworks contractors can conduct detailed site surveys to assess the land and gather essential information. This includes identifying soil conditions, topography, drainage patterns and any potential obstacles to developments around our principal service areas of Brighton, Chichester, Lancing, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham, Steyning and Worthing. They can then proceed with excavation works, using heavy machinery and equipment to remove topsoil and prepare the site for construction.

Foundation Construction – We can also deliver the construction of foundations for buildings and similar structures. This involves digging trenches, installing reinforced concrete footings, and constructing foundation walls or piers. Our team ensures that the foundations are solid and meet the necessary structural requirements to support the weight of the planned construction.

Drainage Systems – Our groundworks division is also skilled in the installation of efficient drainage systems to manage rain and wastewater. They lay underground pipes, construct manholes and inspection chambers, and connect the drainage network to main sewer systems around Brighton, Chichester, Lancing, Hove, Rustington, Shoreham, Steyning and Worthing. This ensures proper drainage and prevents water accumulation, which could lead to flooding or structural damage.

Landscaping & External Works – We also often undertake landscaping and external works to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the site. Many tasks fall under the larger umbrella of groundworks, including turfing and the construction of retaining walls. In short, if it involves the movement of earth or the installation of structures within it, we’re the team to call.

For gold standard groundworks from Adur Driveways & Building Services, call our Lancing office on 07903 424662.