Exceptional Groundworks Inform Our Patio Laying & Garden Paving in Lancing | Adur Driveways & Building Services

Adur Driveways & Building Services is proud to call Lancing home. It’s still one of the areas in which we’re most active, despite having expanded well beyond into Surrey and Sussex. Walk around and you’re bound to see a stunning tarmac driveway, resin bound driveway and even fully fledged property extensions we’ve completed. Or perhaps a family member has Adur garden paving or a finished patio laying job which has been remarked upon. Our work, from the initial groundworks to the finishing touches, always speaks for itself.

But how do you keep the new features we install looking their very best? Here we run over some example projects and how you can keep them looking their best year round.

Maintaining Your New Feature

Tarmac Driveway – A driveway company will always recommend clients regularly sweep away debris and leaves, remove stains promptly, and repair any cracks or potholes as and when they’re encountered; but rest assured with the standard of groundworks and general works we carry out around Lancing, you’re unlikely to encounter these latter issues. Periodic resealing helps protect against water damage and maintain its appearance. We also urge you not to use harsh chemicals or sharp objects on your tarmac driveway, as they could damage the surface.

Resin Bound Driveway – Many of the same tips for maintaining a tarmac driveway, also hold true for maintaining a new resin bound driveway: regular sweeping to remove debris, occasional power washing to keep it clean, and addressing any minor repairs promptly by calling in our groundworks and driveway company. Again, resealing is recommended every few years to preserve their appearance and durability, and avoid using abrasive cleaners or sharp tools that may cause damage.

Patio Laying – Once again, the advice for a tarmac driveway or resin bound driveway holds up! After our patio laying team has completed its work on a Lancing project, inspect it from time to time, keep it free from debris, keep an eye out for weeds and keep on top of any repairs which might be required as the patio gets on in years; despite the quality of our groundworks, they’re not immune to wear and tear.

Property Extensions – Maintaining property extensions around Lancing involves regular inspection for any signs of damage or wear, addressing maintenance issues promptly, and keeping up with routine cleaning and upkeep. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring proper insulation, cleaning gutters, and maintaining the structural integrity of the extension.

Block Paving & Garden Paving – One of the reasons why we recommend block paving as your local driveway company in Lancing, but as a garden paving solution, is how low maintenance it is; and the fact that damaged pavers can be individually replaced, saving you money. But still keep garden paving and other block paving features free from weeds and general detritus. We might sound like we’re repeating ourselves, but it’s great advice!

For more advice or assistance, or to secure a quote on patio laying or garden paving projects, call Adur Driveways & Building Services in Lancing on 07741 243 008.